She Was Pregnant But In-Laws Abandoned Her After Husband’s Death. Now She Is An Army Officer!

There is no denying the fact that women are very strong whether it is mentally or physically but most of the times, they recognize their true potential when they are surrounded by problems and adversities.

Today we are going to share the true story of a woman who has become an inspiration for many. We are talking about Nidhi Dubey, who belongs to MP and has made everyone proud by joining Indian army as a lieutenant. What makes her achievement more special is the fact that she is a widow of an Indian soldier Mukesh Kumar Dubey who died in 2009.

Mukesh died just after one year of marriage; Nidhi was 21 years old at that time and was 4 months pregnant too. After the death of her husband, she was thrown out of the house by her in-laws which pushed her to the state of depression.

She came back to her mother’s house and decided to start a new life after giving birth to her son as she didn’t want to be identified as a weak person in front of him. She moved to Indore and started studying. After completing her MBA, she worked in a company for more than a year.

When the seniors of Mukesh came to know about Nidhi’s story, they got in touch with her and motivated her to try luck in Services Selection Board (SSB). The Indian Army usually inducts new women candidates in the age ranging from 20-25 but there is age relaxation for the widows of Army personnel.

Nidhi soon joined and also went through the heavy physical training which included waking up early in the morning by 4 am and running 5 km daily.

In the daytime, she used to teach at an Army school where her son was also a student and in the night, she used to study for exams. She passed the exams with flying colours and was sent to Chennai for training. It was a tough time for her as she was able to see her son only two times during her training. But she didn’t get weak and now she is continuing from where her husband left.

32-yr Nidhi has not only made his family and son proud of her but the whole country looks towards her for inspiration. Her brother Neelesh Sharma says,

“Look at Nidhi, she’s an officer now. For us, nothing can be more inspiring.”

We completely agree with Neelesh, don’t you? More power to you, Nidhi!

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