Parineeti Chopra Posted A Picture On Instagram & People Started To Praise Her For This Reason!

Beauty has different meanings for every person but when it comes to a girl, a common notion of the society is that only those can be beautiful who have fair complexion and are lean in physique but is it really the true meaning of beauty?

Well, the good thing is that people who used to bear the brunt of body-shaming or fat-shaming are no more in mood to suffer and they are flaunting their shortcomings with confidence.

The gorgeous Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra was a little chubby when she made her debut in the Hindi film industry but later on, she turned herself into a fit and lean diva with firm determination and hard work.

Recently, she shared a photo of herself on the photo-sharing site Instagram in which her stretch marks are clearly visible. The caption of the image is, “Bright blue sunglasses for life!!! Thanks @drishtiplatinum for these beautiess!!”

Check out her Instagram post:

However, soon people focused on her stretch marks on her tummy and started commenting about it. But majority praised Parineeti for being so confident as it is definitely an inspiration for those who cover up themselves completely if they have stretch marks and try their best to hide them from others and feel bad for them.

Here are some of the reactions:

More power to you, Pari.

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