This Pak Cricketer Left His Land To Marry An India Based Girl, Their Love Story Deserves A Salute!

I saw a video in which Javed Akhtar was defining the difference between Pyaar, Mohabbat and Ishq. He called “Ishq” as the most superior form of affection because it sees no boundaries.

While a basic love what we call “Pyaar” is common and every one does that, but “Ishq” is something that doesn’t care about any boundary, religion, cast, creed or anything that stops two soul mates to meet.

“Ishq” is the most hated thing by the social police because it doesn’t follow the rules and regulations set by them. It just creates its own way which makes it different from “Basic Love” that we’ve for each other.

So when a Pakistani U-19 cricketer Imran Tahir fell in “Ishq Wala Love” with an India based South African girl Sumayya Dildar, he knew that he can’t afford to lose her. The man left his country and got settled in SA. He got married to her and also became an international cricket player for South Africa.

Let’s rewind a bit and play their interesting story-

As mentioned above, Imran was the U-19 player of Pakistan during late 90’s. In 1998, when he visited South Africa and met Summaya, he instantly fell for her. After coming back to Pakistan, he was still talking and thinking about her.

This is when he decided to leave Pakistan and go South Africa to woo Sumayya (because the Internet was not that popular at that time and social media didn’t exist).

He finally managed to impress Sumayya and she agreed to marry him. However, Sumayya had one condition that she will not leave South Africa.

This was really a big thing for Imran but not bigger than the Love he had for Sumayya. So, he left Pakistan in 2006.

Imran continued to play domestic cricket in South Africa for 5 years and finally got entry in South Africa’s international team in 2011.

Imran and Sumayya are happily married and have a son named Gibran.

Take a look at their story in their own words-

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Isn’t their love story just so cute?

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