Hard Work Pays Off! Jaipur Man Joins US Army & Gets A Salary Package Of Rs 1.2 Crores

Some guys are born genius and for them, there is no dearth of good opportunities. This doesn’t mean things are easy for them, they have to work really hard to achieve success and gain something impossible. One such example is that of a young lad from Jaipur, Monark Sharma, who has got an entry into US Army and that too with an salary package of Rs 1.2 crores per year.

You heard that right; US Army has appointed him as a scientist in the AH-64E combat fighter helicopter unit. This is indeed a proud moment for Monark as he did everything he could to bag this golden opportunity. Monark has completed his Bachelors in electronics and communication from Jaipur National University and his father Rakesh Sharma, is an additional private secretary in Rajasthan police.

His role in the US Army!

Monark will have to handle many tasks, and these include designing, inspections, manufacturing as well as the maintenance of fighter copters; he always had a lot of interest in defence equipment and space science and finally, with this job, his dream has come true.

It was his hard work in NASA that paid off!

In 2013, he joined NASA as a junior scientist and proved his mettle by displaying a wonderful performance in research and design. Since the time Sharma participated in the Moon Baggi project (2011) and Luna Boat project (2012) of NASA, he became famous. He also has 2 awards to his name i.e. Safety Excellence Award and Army Service Medal.

After seeing his dedication, NASA gave him the best opportunity of his life. Monark says, “Here NASA offered me a job and a green card. He was awarded citizenship through US army in 2016”

There are many people who might be wondering as to why he joined the US Army and not the Indian Army; for them, Monark has just one answer i.e.

“I may not have got the opportunity to serve in the Indian armed force but all my moves in the US were intended to bring pride for my country. Here I am reaching out to my fellow Indian students to inspire them that anyone can attain success in life with sheer hard work.”

As expected, some Twitter users slammed him for joining US Army; check out the tweets…

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