This Girl Made Her Dad Proud With Her Result In The Same School Where He Is A Van Driver

We’ve read infinite success stories where nobodies turned out to be something really big, all thanks to their willpower and passion. They didn’t limit their dreams to anything so when they started from scratch only sky was the limit for them.

Radhika Kaushal, a student of Manav Mangal School, Sector 11, Chandigarh has her father working as a Van Driver in the same school.

The girl with her dedication and sheer brilliance has made her dad and mom pride by topping the CBSE 10th standard exams and scoring a CGPA of 10.

Talking about her success, Radhika said her parents were her “pillars of strength” and always motivated her to do well.

“My parents made sure that financial hardships were no obstacle to my studies and my father always made sure that I get a good education.

Radhika’s proud father Ajay Kaushal says he can’t find the right words to express his feelings-

“It’s great to see my daughter being counted among the toppers in the city. I am lucky to have a daughter like her,”

Ajay Kaushal is now, of course, planning to provide higher studies to his daughter.

Now stories like these can inspire anyone to do better and achieve their goal in the life.

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